Nice to meet ya!

I'm Daniel Mackey, a strategic, creative, polyglot developer.

And while that's just a really verbose SEO tactic, it is true. I spent my formative years in creative interactive advertising, then jumped over to the product world in an effort to build stuff that lasted longer than a marketing campaign.

On the internet, I am a full-stack web and mobile developer. I spend the majority of my time in Ruby, Rails, Objective-C/Swift, and Javascript (both client-/server-side), but also dabble in Python and PHP.

In the real world, I'm a long(ish) haired, laid back, hockey playing, music making, novice track car driving dude. I currently live in Chicago with my two amazing dogs, Boomer and Bella, and my incredibly beautiful, talented and patient wife, Sylvia Krzysztofek.

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