Nice to meet ya!

I'm Daniel Mackey, a strategic, creative, polyglot developer.

And while that's just a really verbose SEO tactic, it is true. I spent my formative years in creative interactive advertising, then jumped over to the product world in an effort to build stuff that lasted longer than a marketing campaign.

On the internet, I am a full-stack web and mobile developer. I spend the majority of my time in Javascript (both client-/server-side) and Ruby on Rails, but also dabble in Objective C/Swift, Elixir, Python and PHP. In the real world, I'm a long(ish)-haired, laid-back, hockey-playing, music-making, novice-track-car-driving dude.

I currently live in Chicago with my incredibly beautiful, talented and patient wife, Sylvia Krzysztofek, our newborn son Tucker who constantly keeps us on our toes, and our two amazing dogs Boomer and Bella who keep us relaxed.

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